China high end license plate frames suppliers

Surface processing: spraying, printing
Dimensions: 31*16cm
Weight: 115g
Applicable models: American regulatory models


Getting a personalised license plate can be a fantastic way to customise your vehicle. Integrated in the set is every little thing you require for installation: two license plate frames, six plastic screw caps, four machine screws, four self-tapping screws, 4 spacers, six washers, a single screwdriver, and 1 user manual. You can also find license plate frames that contain a clear protective cover.

Not really certain if it will work on Honda but it says for "all" license plates so I am assuming so. I have two holes in the best of my license plate and that is exactly where it is attached and it performs fine. Alabama - As long as the characters are not covered, frames are permitted.

As advertising for businesses, a brand awareness tool, to give large fleets a regular corporate look or as higher-quality merchandising things, by making use of proven modern day printing systems with screen or digital printing, UTSCH offers its consumers a complete variety of ways to make license plate frames convey an effective message.

Product advantages: Surface pattern font color according to customer requirements, good surface gloss, anti-corrosion impact three-dimensional sense

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