China high end license plate frames suppliers

Surface processing: spraying, printing
Dimensions: 31*16cm
Weight: 115g
Applicable models: American regulatory models


Getting a personalized license plates frames can be a fantastic way to customize your vehicle. Integrated in the set is every little thing you require for installation: two license plate frames, six plastic screw caps, four machine screws, four self-tapping screws, 4 spacers, six washers, a single screwdriver, and 1 user manual. You can also find license plate frames that contain a clear protective cover.

Not really certain if it will work on Honda but it says for "all" license plates so I am assuming so. I have two holes in the best of my license plate and that is exactly where it is attached and it performs fine. Alabama - As long as the characters are not covered, frames are permitted.

As advertising for businesses, a brand awareness tool, to give large fleets a regular corporate look or as higher-quality merchandising things, by making use of proven modern day printing systems with screen or digital printing, UTSCH offers its consumers a complete variety of ways to make license plate frames convey an effective message. Our novelty license plate frame always popular to  overseas market.

 high end black license plate frames

Product advantages: Surface pattern font color according to customer requirements, good surface gloss, anti-corrosion impact three-dimensional sense

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