China volvo license plate frame manufacturer

Surface processing: spraying, uv, vacuum plating
Size specification: 52.5*11.8cm
Product color: black
Product material: silicone + steel plate


License plates and license plate frames have been historically overlooked, even on the most super-charged and custom rides. This two-hole license plate frame is created of aluminum and is coated with a black matte finish that doesn't peel. It is becoming much more widespread that individuals purchase "Design Your Personal License Plates" with their personal design and style and use them as indicators. I undoubtedly dumped some useful frames in the trash after I freed the plates from their confines.

All ERUCARAT models consist of a base plate with optimised hole pattern, sliding guides to smoothly insert the license plate and spring elements to give it a secure seat. One more vintage item you will come across are the tiny DAV Important Chains that have mini license plates on them.

Produce the perfect license plate frame making use of our custom design and style tool. A protective license plate frame can maintain your license plate getting damaged and dirty. The frame is created with higher high quality stainless steel that's guaranteed to keep rust free of charge.

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