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Micro lubrication quasi dry machining is a new type of machining method. It has been used in some enterprises to replace traditional cutting fluid with micro lubrication. Under the condition of quasi dry cutting, the cutting technology, machine tool design, micro lubrication device, lubricant, operation and cutting tool are different from the traditional wet cutting. The theoretical basis of quasi dry cutting is far less than that of traditional cutting fluid metal cutting. The processing technology of quasi dry cutting needs to be explored and accumulated according to the workpiece material, tool selection and coating The technical characteristics of dry machining are described.        

The working principle of doppelelio built-in micro lubricating device is that the micro suspended oil particles are generated by the precise built-in oil mist generator driven by air. The fine particles can be transported to the cutting area between the tool and the workpiece almost without loss through the internal cooling channel (i.e. rotary joint and spindle) of the machining center, or sprayed to the cutting area through the pipeline and external nozzle The cutting area participates in cutting lubrication.       

In gear machining, three nozzles are usually set up to spray micron oil mist particles to the cutting area. One nozzle keeps a certain distance to spray on the rake face of hob, and the other two nozzles are arranged around the hob edge. The oil film between the hob edge and the workpiece contact point improves the friction between the hob edge and the workpiece material, inhibits the temperature rise and improves the quality of the machined surface It has the function of preventing the corrosion of the machining surface and prolonging the service life of the hob.  

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