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Novelty license plate frame mainly plays the role of fixing license plate, protecting license plate, protecting car body, preventing theft, preventing body from being hurt by license plate. Installing anti-theft screw on license plate frame can also achieve anti-theft effect. Moreover, some imported vehicle license plate mounting holes are different from domestic license plate mounting holes, and license plate frame can also play a compatible problem of license plate installation of imported vehicles. There are many kinds of license plate frame styles, not only to protect the license plate, but also to achieve beautiful effect. Driving on the road is full of personality. Which owner doesn't want his car to become more beautiful. And how to Install a license plate frame the right way? Let us have a look.


What do you need?

1 Microfiber towel

2 License plate

3. License plate cover in stainless steel or carbon with mounting tabs

4 Anti vibration gasket

5 Stainless steel mounting hardware

6 Screwdrivers

Before you start

Clean your license plate or wipe it clean. It's also a great opportunity to clean and wax the area behind your plate.

1 protect your vehicle with rubber gaskets

Peel the paper off the rubber gasket to expose the adhesive.

Align the spacer with the mounting holes and stick to the back of the license plate to prevent vibration and protect the vehicle.

If only 2 holes are allowed in your vehicle, insert the rubber plate bumper into the lower hole.

2 insert the plate into the frame with the lug

Insert the bottom edge of the license plate into the frame so that the mounting lug holds the license plate in place.

3. Prepare hardware hidden cap

Insert stainless steel screws into hardware hidden cover.

4.Put them together

Align the license plate and frame with the mounting holes on the vehicle.

Slowly screw each screw with the hardware hidden cover into the vehicle mounting hole in a clockwise direction.

5.Make the finishing point

Tighten the screws until they secure to the frame.

Fasten all hardware hidden covers securely.

Remove fingerprints from license plate holder with microfiber towel.

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