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High end license plate frames is not required to be installed by relevant laws and regulations. The license plate frame is mainly used to fix the license plate, protect the license plate and prevent the vehicle body from being damaged by the license plate. The anti-theft screw installed on the license plate frame can also achieve the anti-theft function. Moreover, the license plate mounting holes of some imported vehicles are different from those of the domestic license plate installation holes It can also be compatible with the installation of license plates of imported vehicles.

Does a new car go straight to the license plate without a frame

There is no need to install a license plate frame. If the license plate is installed, it can not block the license plate number. According to the material, the license plate frame can be divided into plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy frame, iron, etc. the iron plate frame is the most common, and the price is relatively cheap. Stainless steel, black titanium, zinc alloy and magnesium aluminum alloy are better, which are not easy to deform and rust. Of course, the price is also relatively expensive.

Misunderstanding of license plate installation

1. The screws used to install the license plate must use the fastening screw, that is, the screw provided by the vehicle management. This kind of screw has one more sealing buckle than the ordinary screw, and the sealing buckle is irreversible. As long as it is fastened, it can not be opened. Its main purpose is to prevent the license plate from being stolen and to prevent some people from changing the license plate at will.

2. The license plate frame presented by the 4S store is printed with the advertisement of the corresponding manufacturer and the license plate frame purchased by the owner separately. According to the regulations, the distance between the inner edge of the license plate frame and the license plate number shall not be less than 5mm. If it is less than 5mm, it can be regarded as "not installing license plate according to regulations", 12 points will be deducted.

Some license plate frames with organs on the Internet, such as remote control switch license plate frame, hidden lock license plate frame, etc., are illegal as long as they can be opened arbitrarily by us. The traffic police will definitely check the license plate frames, and once found, it is 12 points.

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