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Although the self-driving tour is good, many netizens still spit on the Internet: "It is convenient to drive on a hot day, but driving on an unobstructed highway for a long time, the car comes with a'sauna effect', the baby is crying", "The car drove on the road for a day, and the sunlight always shined through the stitches, which made people dizzy, especially the front driver and co-pilot seats. It was a minute to return to the black octave when driving in a circle", "I thought that I was driving by myself The tour will be more convenient and safer, but after avoiding the crowds of people, it has not been able to avoid the high temperature and the hot sun in the car, and the beautiful mood of traveling disappears in half instantly."

Enjoying the cool comfort has become a luxury

On May 1st trip, half of the time on the road, the owners thought about self-driving tour. On the one hand, they also hoped to avoid the poisonous sun, but they did not expect to hold in the car but it was more sultry! Under direct sunlight, the steering wheel became very hot; people sat In the car, the bare skin can't escape the sun's scorching exposure; the air conditioner is on all the way, the car is still not cool enough; the seats are baked for a long time at high temperature, the surface fades and ages, and the "butt" is hot when sitting... I thought self-driving travel was more comfortable, but enjoying the coolness in the car became a luxury.    

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