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The secret of taking a stable road to the sea is to insist on quality and service.

In May of this year, another 700 Ankai passenger buses departed for the service journey overseas. This has become the norm for Ankai buses to export in batches for many years. It has also become an active practitioner of the "Belt and Road" initiative and a model of "Made in China" going global.

Ankai's indissoluble bond with Saudi Arabia: win the market with quality and reputation

starts with persistence and loyalty to quality. The indissoluble bond between Ankai Bus and Saudi Arabia begins in 2007. As early as the beginning of Ankai's internationalization strategy, it set its sights on the Middle East, through in-depth understanding of the Saudi market, continuous exploration and understanding of the actual needs of local users, and targeted product design and development.

Kungfu is not dissatisfied. In 2011, Ankai obtained a large export order for the purchase of 3,000 school buses in the Saudi market at one time, creating a larger order for the export of Chinese buses that year. Since then, Ankai has inherited its existing advantages to further consolidate the Saudi market, continuously exporting 1,200 A9 tourist buses and buses, and other models, continuously enhancing the influence of products and brands with bus products and after-sales service.

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