USA size license plate frames manufacturer in China

Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 112g
Applicable models: American regulatory models
Dimensions: 31*16cm


The greatest searching high quality license plate frame will show the planet a little bit about yourself. California - (MV) Car Code Section 5201 states that plates shall be mounted in a position to be clearly visible. Road debris, salt, and climate circumstances may possibly ultimately dull the finish of your license plate frame.

For retailers, XINGCHANG supplies its license plate frames in an desirable prepared-to-sell shop version in sensible protective packaging with Euro holes. Created of stainless steel, with a slick and thick finish, the XINGCHANG license plate covers are sturdy and protective on one particular hand, and minimalistically fashionable on one more.

From gloss black to matte black, polished stainless steel, pink and carbon fiber, this brand has it all. XINGCHANG also uses a variety of finishes to make its license plate frames into high-effect advertising spaces. More than ten million drivers have already installed this visitors camera license plate covers They are super easy to set up and perform as they guarantee.

Product advantages: Surface pattern font color according to customer requirements, good surface gloss, anti-corrosion impact three-dimensional sense

USA size license plate frames manufacturer

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